Im off to spain for two weeks <3


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goodbye rainy ireland - well for two weeks anyway - hiatus - me -


Thor with friends for sheilatakesabow

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A Baby Elephant Blowing Bubbles

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Me explaining my music taste to my friends

I would actually wanna listen to this lecture

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This is the proper reaction.

You can see the internal “Do I call him an idiot, or do I keep getting paid…?”

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The best thing was that I got to be myself a lot on set. I guess just the way that I laugh, the way that I fooled around with Sam and made him laugh were very me. The goofy factor really, so all that kind of stuff

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#actual puppy sebastian stan

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sebastian stan + chris evans surprised by their own mildly gay responses

I like how Seb is questioning his choice mid-sentence and then looks disgusted with himself and Chris is just like HELL YEAH I’D GO GAY FOR HEMSWORTH idc.

you can just see sebastian thinking though like ‘why did i say that whywhywhy they’re never going to let this go’

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Don’t let fear keep you from g r e a t n e s s.

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